Experience work at Top B!

We’ve welcomed a whole host of school-aged students through our doors again this year … aiming to give youngsters a taste of working life and help them make informed career choices when they finish their studies.

George, Holly, Chloe and Hannah have all spent time with us over the summer, finding out whether the world of live events appeals to them. Our graphics and editing teams have been particularly active with this year’s crop of students, helping them use the latest software and involving them in live projects as often as possible.

Holly said: “The work experience was a great opportunity to learn more about the industry and improve my skills in areas such as IT, design and punctuality! The team also helped me a lot with enhancing my work to get the best end result possible. I think the skills I have gained will help me in the future when seeking employment.”

Hannah added: “I enjoyed the friendly environment, with people who are really passionate about their work and who are very creative in their own right. The atmosphere is welcoming and calm, even though everyone has a lot of work to do, they still can have a good laugh which is nice to see.”

George also found us a friendly bunch: “I felt part of the team since I arrived and I’m actually a little bit sad the journey ends here as I believe I have been able to make some-sort of connection with the workers here and I’ll be very sad when we part-ways.”

We’re really quite proud of the feedback we get from students. We try to expose them to live work whenever we can rather than asking them to make tea! It’s important they gain something tangible from their time here so they can make better decisions about what they want to do later in life.


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