Why you should run a wellness incentive.

The incentive industry has boomed over the last 10 years; with figures from 2018 showing a 65% increase in businesses choosing to include incentive programmes into their business strategy. As the industry develops, so do the trends within it. 2018 was all about CSR; and whilst it will remain a focus, 2019 is going to be the year of wellness.

We all know about the important and necessary rise in mental health awareness that’s taken place over the last few years. It’s now in our consciousness more than ever that we should be focusing on mindful living, maintaining a work life balance and finding ways to relieve stress from our day to day lives. It can certainly be said that the new millennial generation are a push factor for this; with not only the rise in trends such as yoga and veganism, but also their desire for travel to be more than just a material experience.

So how can wellness incentives benefit these initiatives? Here are our thoughts…

It will rejuvenate your employees.

Incentive trips can be so jam packed that delegates come away feeling tired. Often attendees will be eating food they don’t normally eat, be taken out of their normal exercise routine and will most likely get back to work the day after they get home to catch up on work they’ve missed. So why not give them an experience that will rejuvenate them, so they go home feeling more motivated and balanced as opposed to tired and out of sync?

A wellness retreat is a fantastic opportunity to offer an authentic, meaningful experience that allows your employees (and yourself) to unwind holistically and to come back home refreshed and rejuvenated in body, mind, and spirit.

Wellness is great for business.

Wellness incentives can help teach your delegates how to maintain a balanced lifestyle by providing tools that help handle stress; such as writing, painting, meditating and breathing techniques – but it can also be creative stimulation, team-building or even connecting to nature through outdoor activities. Whatever you choose, it will only have positive impacts for your business as by taking delegates to a place completely different to their day to day life, you’ll give them space to re-connect with themselves and the world around them.

Employers benefit from healthier and more productive staff, plus trips that have a focus on wellbeing show that you care, that you’re invested in your people and that you want to make them the best they can be!

It’s easier thank you think.

You don’t have to produce an entirely well-being focused retreat to show that you care and want to let your delegates take some well-deserved R&R. A great way of incorporation is through ‘zen zone’ days, where people can do morning yoga/ tai-chi, engage with charitable activities and eat organic food with detox days where alcohol and calorific treats are off the menu. Take it one step further and put your delegates on a ‘digital detox’. Remove all phones, emails and social media from their experience and instead usher them into their natural environment to re-connect with the everyday wonders they might have been missing. It’s all about finding a balance between thrill and relaxation, that leaves your delegates feeling recharged whilst also taking away some incredible memories.

Many of us spend 8 hours at a desk, 5 days a week. So take your employees out of their routine on an incentives trip that allows them to focus solely on their physical and mental wellbeing. Let them produce some well-earned endorphins and you’ll no doubt see a new side to your staff when stress and sedentary life is taken out of the picture.

If wellbeing is a core element of your business culture – show it in your incentive trips. Need some inspiration? Get in touch with our team!

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