Why transparency matters

Head of Venues, Louise Goalen, talks about why trust and transparency are the cornerstones of great client/agency/venue relationships.

I’m fanatical about transparency in our industry. We work on a commissionable model and share the details of venue charges with our clients so they know exactly what our fees are. It’s essential if all parties are going to trust one another and deliver great events.

We must trust venues to deliver on their promises. Venues have to recognise that we understand our clients’ very specific needs (and wants!) … and clients have to trust both parties to do a good job so they can get on with the rest of their event planning!

So how do agencies add value?

Perhaps the single biggest benefit of working with a specialist venue finding agency is the expertise they bring to contract negotiations. There’s so much to consider around attrition rates, cancellation policies and service level agreements as well as cost. It takes a well-trained eye to spot the individual complexities of different venues’ contracts.

Ensuring a venue is fit for purpose is also complex … health & safety issues, wi-fi availability and other details – like signage and the availability of storage facilities for valuables on event day – should all be taken into consideration by your venue finding partner.

It’s important that clients can see we’ve thought of everything so they can relax and focus on content and delivery.

What’s in it for the venue?

For venues, there’s a lot to be said for working with agencies.

Not only do we make their job easier, through knowledgeable teams and a single point of contact for each event, but we always strive to build strong, long-term relationships. Knowing we may want to use a venue again and again means it’s important for us to have their trust so that next time, it’s a positive experience for everyone.

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