When to take your meeting off site.

Ever found that meetings are coming up more and more frequently – but never producing the outcome that you want?

A good way to revitalise your work force and finally see the results you want is to move away from the office and give a new outlook on old problems. Kick off 2019 by taking your meeting offsite and use the time to boost employee motivation and morale. There are some awesome benefits to mixing up your day to day routine, we’ve listed our top 5 here…

1. Changing it up inspires people

Employees are 12% more productive when they’re in a creative environment, so inspire your workforce and hire a meeting room with flare, like The Treehouse in Shoreditch. It will help engage your workforce as you encourage bolder and more innovative thinking by detaching employees from their day to day tasks. Try switching it up by swapping chairs for bean bags and power points for a team building activities and see the difference it could make to your teams’ engagement.

2. Develop Communication

If you decide to go offsite, why not pick a more relaxed and creative environment that promotes communication. Employees will feel more open to sharing thoughts and ideas in an environment that makes them feel comfortable and importantly, an environment that makes them feel more equal. Putting all levels of seniority under one roof, outside of the office, can create better upwards and downwards communication as employees are detached from the office environment and can have more open conversations. You’ll be amazed at how neutral territory can help enrich your teams’ conversations.

3. Boost productivity

By planning in activities and making a schedule at your offsite venue – your employees will know that this meeting means business and that you’re expecting a certain level of focus from them. The time away from the office focuses the team on the task at hand and you’ll get more out of them by them being less distracted about other work. So whilst your team are freed from their emails and focused, who knows what they’ll come up with? Look at Headrooms in London to literally take your employees into a new head space! 

4. Improve Relationships

Build team relationships and increase cross-team collaboration by building exercise’s and ice breakers into your off-site meeting.  If planned correctly, meetings can be an opportunity for people to understand one-another’s job roles and talents better, which can bring your employees closer together. The better everyone knows each other – the more effective they will be as a team when they get back to the office.

5. Make it a regular occurrence

Don’t make your offsite meeting a one hit wonder. If you’ve got monthly leadership meetings or yearly staff conferences – turn them something your staff look forward to by going offsite and making it a day to remember. Staff will be not only motivated to attend, but excited at the prospect of a day out the office, doing something different.

If you think taking your meeting away from the office could help your employees – let us know! We have a stash of awesome meeting locations, that can take you out of your ordinary work space and to somewhere full of creativity and innovation.

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