WFH Toolkit.

We’re 2 weeks into working from home and although cabin fever hasn’t quite set in, we’re starting to run out of fancy dress clothes for calls and home work out sessions to stream.

To prolong the activities, we’ve come up with a work from home toolkit to keep you occupied. These are some handy resources that you and your team can use to pass the time together and jazz up your conference calls…


Either use this during a call, with no ‘bingo caller’ and wait for your co-workers to slip out a ‘can you action that’ or ‘can everyone see my screen?’ – or play in traditional bingo style with a caller just for fun!


Wishing you were somewhere else? A beach? The pub? Whack on one of these jazzy backdrops to your conference call and at least look like you’re somewhere other than the dining room table.


Whether you want to play this with your co-workers or your mates on a Friday night, we’ve provided you with a 10 round quizathon to keep your brain busy and competitive spirit alive!


A collaborative playlist is the perfect way to connect your employees while they work remotely. We’ve created the ultimate Top Banana WFH playlist, including tracks from all of our employees plus clients and suppliers. We’d love to grow our repertoire – so let us know what’s giving you your groove while you’re at home and we’ll add you to the soundtrack of Top Banana ♪

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