Wellbeing: Starting with your venue.

We all know that wellbeing is a big part of business culture at the moment and is only growing in importance. The mental health charity MIND found that one in six people suffer from anxiety and depression in the workplace and with work being found as a trigger for mental health issues – its clear why businesses want to make wellbeing a priority.

We’ve had people ask for wellbeing to be incorporated into event breakout sessions, CSR days and incentive trips – but why not start as you mean to go on and choose a venue for your next meeting or event that shares the wellbeing message?

Here are some of the ways you can incorporate wellbeing into your venue choice as well as some potential destinations that will both wow and relax your delegates.

Re-connect delegates with nature

It’s not a bad thing to remind delegates to re-connect with the world around them and intertwining your event with a message of the natural world is far easier in a venue that promotes the environment. 

A great option for this is thecamp, Marseille, which only offers vegetarian food and has a policy to be natural and environmentally friendly at all times by holding a strict zero waste policy and an environment that’s designed to nurture the mind. Sheepdove Farm also ticks this box. A totally eco-friendly event centre in Berkshire, you can rest easy that this venue was built to be environmentally conscious and promotes delegates to be outdoor with nature at all times. 

This type of venue will leave a mark on delegates; reminding them of their natural surroundings and to listen to their bodies as opposed to the external factors that the world might throw at us –wellbeing messaging at its best!

Activity focus 

If you’re looking to incorporate wellbeing into activities, pick a venue like Soho Farmhouse. They offer a range of active alternatives to your typical breakout sessions; such as row boating, horseback riding and clay pigeon shooting. Set in 100 acres of Oxfordshire countryside, this incredible private and calming venue is sure to influence delegates into a feeling of tranquil and recreation.

Daylesford Farm, Gloucestershire similarly offer activities to immerse you in the natural environment. With a number of garden workshops available, your delegates could spend time working with organic, British horticulture and create something beautiful that they can also take home with them. As well as this, Daylesford offers a cookery school – dealing with fresh and British ingredients, your business can indulge employees in healthy, homemade food that speaks to the soul.

Give delegates space to relax 

A sense of wellbeing can be achieved by just taking your employees to a venue that is light, bright, airy and progressive.

Amber Lakes in Windsor gives a sense of space, openness and light. Set in a private nature reserve, this venue inspires delegates with natural daylight and panoramic views of the lake and lawn; taking delegates out of their day to day life and transporting them to a place of tranquillity.

It doesn’t have to just be yoga and pilates; wellbeing is about creating an environment in which your employees will thrive – so emulate that in your venue and allow your staff to be the best versions of themselves in a place that makes them comfortable and happy.

If you want to take your employee’s out of the office and into a place of calm – let us know and see if we can help you find your next venue!

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