Venue sourcing built on solid foundations.

Our new Head of Venues, Louise Goalen explains why she believes Top Banana’s venue finding is built on solid foundations.

What made you decide to join Top Banana?

The energy and creativity here is phenomenal. Everyone is pulling together in the same direction and it’s such a supportive environment … it’s fantastic to be part of such a strong, dynamic team.
I am a people person … through and through. Finding a group of individuals so fired up about what they do is energising. I’ve had the best welcome; everyone’s made me feel really at home right from the off.

What makes Top Banana Venues unique?

It’s what I would describe as a ‘white glove’ service. Think concierge at a high end hotel … there to provide you with everything you need … often before you even know you need it.
Well that’s how Top B approaches everything they do. They aim to delight every client and are always one step ahead so they invariably achieve that ambition. The effort that goes into finding the right venue for each and every client event is impressive. And of course that’s just the start. Negotiating a good rate, agreeing a fair contract and all the fine detail planning is all part of how the team works. And it’s why they have such a loyal client base too. People love working with Top Banana and keep coming back, year in and year out.

How do you see your role here?

I believe that a strong ethical approach gets things done quicker and better so it makes sense, as well as being the right way to operate, being Authentic and Responsible.
As part of that ethical way of working, I’m fanatical about transparency between all parties involved in the venue finding process … agencies, suppliers and clients. It makes for a much better outcome for everyone concerned. So for me, I’ll be building on the great relationships the team has already forged … with their clients and the venues they work with … to make every event we work on a success for everyone.

How did you start your venues career?

I was brought up in South America and was exposed to a lot of very smart hotels in my youth thanks to my father’s job as an engineer, which took us all over the place.
I think seeing so many different hotels had a large part to play in my decision to work in the industry. The service over there is superb. We have a lot to learn in this country about how to make guests feel welcome, relaxed and pampered without being intrusive or obsequious in the process.

What should we look out for next from Top Banana Venues?

More of the same. Great client relationships. A strong and knowledgeable team. All injected with a hefty dose of Top Banana magic.

And what do you do when you’re not working?

I crochet for relaxation! That doesn’t mean I wear snazzy little crochet waistcoats or anything! But I do find crocheting blankets very therapeutic. I also enjoy the odd glass of Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc or a nice Argentinian Malbec!

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