Top Banana travel the UK with The AA’s Roadshow

There’s no doubt that when communicating important business messages, face to face is always the most effective. Employee events are a great way to get teams together and communicate strategy, but it’s not always possible to take your entire workforce away from their jobs for a day or more.

For The AA, it was clear that taking all 2,700 patrols off the road for a day-long conference was near impossible and would be detrimental to customers. Therefore, the decision was made to do a roadshow event, where the team would bring together patrols in smaller, shorter sessions across the UK and Ireland.

The roadshow took place over a 6-week period covering 14 locations throughout the UK and Ireland with each location hosting two events per day. With some events taking place back to back, the roadshow had to be meticulously planned to ensure each event ran like clockwork and patrols weren’t taken off the road for any more time than needed.

Top Banana worked closely with the team at The AA to create an engaging and balanced agenda that would not only land important business messages but encourage two-way communication and involvement. Over 600 discrete ideas were collated from front line teams during the events, to help shape operational and customer service initiatives as well as ongoing employee engagement.

To hear more about The AA’s successful roadshow and learn about the challenges, consistency and method required to produce a successful Roadshow – download our Roadshows Guide here and take your communications on the road.

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