Top Banana Flying High in 2018

As event and communication agency Top banana enter their busiest month in the calendar year, Founder and CEO Richard Bridge takes some time to reflect on 2017, look forward to an exciting 2018 and talk about his renewed energy and passion for the business and industry.

“2017 was a good year for Top Banana, not only in terms of winning new business, welcoming new team members and being recognised in a number of awards, but also thanks to significant investment and a lot of hard work by the whole team, we’ve refined our processes, systems and infrastructure to set us up for success and future growth in a sustainable way. As a business, we are in better shape than ever before and there is a real buzz amongst the team” comments Richard.

He continues “January is always our most demanding month of the year, but the hard work doesn’t stop there with the potential of 2018 being the busiest 6 months in our business history. This comes as a result of our ongoing efforts in strengthening client relationships, as well as building new ones meaning our pipeline is looking healthier than ever as we enter our new financial year in April 2018.”

As Richard embarks on his first full year as owner and CEO of Top Banana, after taking sole ownership of the business in September 2017, he is supported by a newly reformed leadership team. Known as the ‘BLT’ (Banana Leadership Team), the leadership team is now made up of Jane Bradley (Finance Director), Louise Goalen (Head of Venues), Jemma Peers (Client Services Director) and Jade Ball (Head of Production).

“2017 provided us with a great opportunity to take a step back and really look at what the business needed both in terms of leadership and infrastructure and how we plan to drive the company through 2018 and beyond. We have already made great steps in the right direction, although I am now a little outnumbered as the BLT is made up of entirely women. This is quite unheard of within the industry, but something we are extremely proud of.”

Richard Bridge concludes with the secret to Top Banana’s ongoing success “For Top Banana it’s about intelligent creativity with a strategic focus. Too many companies are creative for creative sake and don’t link back to the organisational objectives, brand and purpose. Audiences are looking for experiences, so we need to focus on how we can help create unforgettable experiences and long-lasting memories that will last and create a momentum to really drive change within a business. That’s what I love about this industry, every job and client is different, so we are always pushing the boundaries to find new and exciting ways to create those experiences that will make a difference to the business.”



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