My time at Top Banana … a student’s view

19 year-old university student Jenny recently spent two weeks working with our marketing team here at Top Banana … this is her take on what it was like working here.

I arrived at Top Banana ready to make a good impression and crack on with typical work experience stuff (tea and coffee making extraordinaire and lots of boring monotonous tasks no one else really wants to do!)

But I was surprised, pleasantly surprised.

9am … everyone gathered in the conservatory for the daily Huddle. That very first huddle really set the tone for my two weeks at The Studio. Everyone welcomed me so warmly and I honestly felt like part of the team.


I was really given the chance to get stuck in! I set up a YouTube channel, took charge of social media, wrote content for the news and blog pages of the Top Banana website and even had my idea chosen for a campaign to promote the free venue finding service.

I could not have come at a better time … pancakes on Shrove Tuesday, Wellbeing Wednesday (when we tested the health of our kidneys) and National Employee Appreciation Day all fell during my first week!

Another of my tasks was to do some research on promotional items which involved speaking to lots of different suppliers. This was a bit daunting at first, but I was given plenty of support and now I wouldn’t hesitate to pick up the phone and make that kind of call.

It was great to see the process that I’d learnt about in lectures being put into practice … I now realise that theory doesn’t always directly translate into real life! My biggest takeaways have been to question when I’m not sure, to voice my opinion and that being yourself at work is the best way to be.

Finally … my expectations have been set so high I doubt they’ll ever be met by another employer!

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