Three break outs that really worked

Looking for ways to engage your audience around key messages but stuck for ideas? Here are three break-out sessions that really worked for our clients.

Building collaboration

Kellogg’s South Africa needed to re-ignite the passion of its entire workforce and motivate them to achieve ambitious business goals.

At the company’s first ever, all-staff, off-site event, groups were asked to work in teams to visualise one of the Kellogg’s Values on canvas. Then the teams were each given a second canvas … this time with a print-out showing what they should create.

The canvases were assembled and revealed on stage.

The first side was a riot of colour and creativity … but when delegates saw the ‘Big Picture’ created from their second canvases, they could see the benefit of working together, to a plan, to create something amazing.

Teams left understanding the value of collaboration and team working.

Activating behaviours

Heineken needed to get 430 people to change their behaviour … in one and a half hours!

This break out session was designed to encouraging all 430 people to do three things … Be Brave, Decide and Do and Celebrate Success.

To ‘Be Brave’ means different things to different people … so a range of challenges (including abseiling off buildings and holding venomous snakes) were set. Each activity earned points based on level of difficulty.

Teams had to ‘Decide and Do’ the best combination to win the challenge.

Silo mentality was removed as everyone worked together … ‘Celebrating Success’ as a team.

Educating teams

Finding out how much teams understand about their customer, market or another issue can be tricky … but dressed up as a game, everyone gets competitive and somehow it’s just become fun!

This break out involves teams moving around an oversized board … laid out on the floor … made up of squares each with a different customer name, project or other topic. Teams get to advance around the board, winning rewards along the way, by correctly answering questions about the square they land on.

A simple concept but a great way to find out how much teams really understand their customers in a way that doesn’t put people on the back foot and encourages a sense of friendly rivalry.

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