Think you Know Topps Tiles? Think Again…

Over the last few years, Topps Tiles have undergone a major re brand. Being over 50 years old, the company have set out to change brand perceptions with the public and become an interior design brand with authority on style and inspiration.

An element of their wider strategy was to produce a TV Commercial that could also be used for social media, which encapsulated this new look and feel. The Top Banana team were bought in by advertising agency, Rock Kitchen Harris, to help produce the ‘Think you know Topps Tiles… Think Again’ TV campaign, that would introduce previous customers and new shoppers to the new innovative brand, whilst increasing footfall and web traffic ahead of a peak trading period.

Working with brand ambassador Sarah Beeny, the Top Banana team spent time at Sonica Studios recording the voice over for the commercials, which set the crew up for the rest of the work in Manchester; a whole 6-day set build and 4-day studio shoot.

We were able to bring Topps Tiles new brand to life by using our preferred choice of camera, the ARRI Alexa Mini with cine primes, which produced the premium look and feel required for each of the 4 room sets; showcasing Topps Tiles latest and most stylish stock. After the edit at Top Banana, the final touches were a grade session at Dock10, followed by an audio dub at The Audio Suite. The final film is now being broadcast on National Television and several social media platforms.

We had fantastic feedback from the client and agency, with Jamie Mollart from Rock Kitchen Harris stating “I cannot fault Top Banana and the team on any level. Absolutely awesome! They were the perfect combination of calmness and creativity”.

Take a look at the full behind the scenes video and final edit below and see how we helped Topps Tiles bring their new brand to life…


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