Themes event professionals should be getting up close & personal with in 2017

There is still a lot of noise in the events industry about uncertainty in our post-Brexit world. But we all know that events remain fundamental to any organisation’s communication strategy, so event professionals need to stay up to speed with all the latest trends.

So …here’s our super quick guide to three themes that will continue to play an important part in the world of events in 2017.

Personalisation … your data
Most of us appreciate a personal approach … being greeted by name at our local restaurant; our favourite brands at the top of our online shopping lists; play lists created according to previous listening behaviour.

Of course what lies behind this kind of personal experience is data … and lots of it.

If you’re an event professional who’s serious about getting real returns on your efforts, you need to get to grips with all the different platforms available to collect, manage, share and ultimately analyse all the data collected before, during and after your event.

Only by understanding how to harness the power of data will your events bring measurable ROI which you can use to support the case for future events.

We’re talking here about heightening the delegate experience through technology … and for 2017 that’s going to mean virtual reality, augmented reality, 360º experiences and more.

There’s so much you can do to take your delegates into a whole new world at your events that it’s important to understand what each technology can do.

As with any kind of technology, it’s really important to understand why you’re using it before jumping in! Get your messaging clear at the outset and only then decide how you’re going to share that messaging with your audience.


Mondrian London

It sometimes feels like every space we enter is an event space these days! Cafes, warehouses, outdoor markets … anything goes where event venues are concerned and we love it!

But if you’re used to holding events in conference suites, hotel meeting rooms or other purpose built premises then the chances are you’ve got most of the services you need laid on and ready to go.

Working in a blank canvas venue is totally different.


It’s absolutely vital to understand all the intricacies of laying on the services you’re going to need at the early planning stages so everything is budgeted and contracted well ahead of event day. Power and water may come as standard in lots of venues, but if you don’t get the basics right when you’re pushing the boundaries venue-wise, it’s not just a dodgy wi-fi signal your delegates could be complaining about!

We’ve organised events in some amazing spaces over the years and have learned the hard way that there’s more to an event space than … well … space!

Pick your partner well
There are so many things to consider when planning an event, working with an event partner who not only supports you in creating truly engaging content but understands all the logistical details will make sure your next event is the success it should be.

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