The Together Project Podcast.

Amongst the madness that is the world right now, we thought it would be great to gather the thoughts of some of our partners and friends and make it into a podcast, so welcome to The Together Project Podcast! A place where you will hear (only) positive and thought provoking podcasts that focus on mindset and constructive thinking.

It may sound a bit different to the ones you hear on Spotify – but that’s because we’ve recorded this with speakers from across the UK and the world. Thing is you don’t have to all be in a studio to create a podcast – there are loads of different ways to record content, from over the phone recordings (like these ones) to being sat under your duvet recording on your iPhone (yes under your duvet, no echo). Podcasts are versatile and once you’ve got a catchy jingle you can make anything into a series.

We’ll add all of our new episodes to this page so make sure to check in and look out for our latest episodes on our social media sites!


In our first episode we discuss Mindset Shift, and ‘winning in a time of crisis’. Its led by Nick Gold,  in conversation with Andrew McLeod – for those of you who don’t know Nick, he’s the president of the International association of speaker bureaus and MD at speakers corner, we’ve worked with Nick and the team since way back when,  Andrew is an accomplished polymath, a businessman first, he’s also been an author, humanitarian lawyer and aid worker – in short, the right man for a crisis!

Enjoy and make sure to let us know what you think #TheTogetherProject


The second episode we’ve done (which we’ve again cleverly entitled episode two) is about “Maintaining Happiness” when you’re stuck at home and is led by Dr Andy Cope. Andy has studied human flourishing for the last 15 years and is known as ‘The Doctor of Happiness’. His books such as The Art of being Brilliant and Be brilliant everyday are frequently on the best-sellers list, plus his book ‘Happiness Route Map’ was nominated as The Independent’s best self-help book of 2018.

In this podcast Andy discusses how to stay happy over the next 3, 6 however many months and gives some realism to our current reality. As always, enjoy and let us know your thoughts!


In episode 3 of our podcast series, we’re speaking to Tatler award-winning fitness expert Hollie Grant, founder of Pilates PT and mindset guru. Having studied psychology at university, Hollie found her passion for female empowerment and exercise mentality when she observed the disparity in male and female workout programmes, and her business now focuses on finding the right movement for you. In this podcast, she discusses the pressure of working out at home during this time and how to see physical movement as great for your mental health, not just your body.

So take 20 minutes out of your day, grab and cup of tea, and hear from not only an entrepreneur but also a body and mindset coach who can help you get into a homework-out rhythm that suits you.

If you want to learn more about Holly and Pilates PT, check out the links below!


In Episode 4, we’re in conversation with TED Talk speaker, award winning author and ITV regular – Jez Rose. A behavioural specialist, Jez discusses resilience and why, during this time, we need to look at leaders as humans and not expect them to have all of the answers. It’s hard for even the most up-beat of people to find strength and positivity right now – but as Jez will tell you – time heals, it changes, and we will adapt and build on. 

Take a listen and get inspired by one of the best in the business… To learn more about Jez check out his social channels below!


For our 5th podcast, cleverly entitled, episode 5, we hear from Tina Blake. Tina is a Public Speaking Trainer who has worked with market leading, brand aware clients for over 20 years, specialising in Video Presentation Training, Public Speaking and Speech Writing. Here she shares her secrets on how to make the most of your virtual meetings and presentations and explains why good communication doesn’t have to end, just because face to face communication is temporarily off the cards.

So sit back, have a cuppa and as always, let us know what you think. If you want to learn more about the wonderful Tina, check out the links below!


In our 6th podcast episode, cleverly entitled Episode 6, we’re speaking to parent coach Gill Simpson and Founder of Chapter Fourty Four as she talks through the pressure of parenting during lockdown and disuses how to wrestle with managing a career as well as the biggest leadership job of all – raising children. Grab yourself a pen and paper and get ready for a quick coaching session that will help you re-evaluate your situation and create some space for you to think.

If you want to learn more about Gill and her awesome business, check out the links below!


In this World Mental Health Day, special edition podcast – we’re speaking to one of the leading speakers on the Lived Experience of Mental Health – Nick Elston. Nick works with clients around the globe sharing his own experience of mental health while providing insights, tools, tips and techniques on how to manage Anxiety in Life, and in Business. In this episode, he speaks about keeping motivated and energised when trying re-shape your career & dealing with working in isolation.

If you want to learn more about Nick and his awesome business, check out the links below!

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