The secret to writing a great film brief.

If you’ve ever managed a film project, we predict that you’ve put quite an impressive brief together where you spent time researching, writing and perfecting your story. But sometimes we can over complicate the simplest of messages. So what’s the secret to writing a great film brief? The clue is in the question … keep it brief.

The key is to not go in to too much detail at the beginning of the project but think more about what you want the video to achieve and your end goal. Obviously, there are key considerations such as time line and budget which may be none negotiable; but remaining open on ways to share your message before briefing an agency opens up so many more creative possibilities.

Some clients come to us with a full brief and clear idea of what they want it to look and sound like and some clients have no idea how to achieve their end goal – but whatever the scenario we always ask the question “What do you want your audience to go away and think, feel and do as a result of watching your film?”. It’s important for films to look great and catch people’s attention but they also need to make a connection with the audience in order to be effective. Video content drives emotional engagement far better than any other… promoting trust, engagement and action. Let’s break it down.

  1. Think: What do you want your audience to think about your company, product or message? Is it a serious business message or a more emotive connection with your brand?
  2. Feel: What emotions would you like the audience to feel as a result of watching the video? Whether it’s happy, sad or curious, always think emotively when planning your video content.
  3. Do: What physical actions would you like your audience to do after watching the film? It could be to buy a product, go to a webpage or even pick up the phone! But consider what you want your audience’s next actions to be and make it clear.

Whether it’s a marketing, internal communications or training film it’s important that not only your message lands with impact but your audience goes away thinking, feeling and doing exactly what you want them to. So get rid of those long briefing documents and let’s have a good old fashioned conversation!

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