The Power of Event Apps

Internal, corporate or external events; creating a mobile app for your event can be a cost-effective way of creating a fully immersive experience for delegates that provides two-way communication and shows visible ROI.

An app can reduce the number of emails you send, paper waste and time you spend at the event doing physical administrative tasks. But that’s not all… Here are my 7 top reasons on why investing in an event app can produce awesome results…

  1. Event longevity
    An event app can help you communicate with delegates pre, during and post event; to get the buzz going for your event before it’s even started. Less intrusive than an email, a push notification to delegates phones can prompt them to take part in pre-event surveys, see their personalised itinerary and provide feedback on breakout sessions or activities once it’s all over.
  2. Let’s Get Personal
    One size doesn’t fit all. With an app, delegates can see their own agenda, travel and hotel arrangements, meal options and even seating plans. It’s ideal for planning and scheduling their time during the event and can also be a tool for networking with other attendees through delegate ‘chat rooms’ and profiles! Giving your audience their own ‘space’ can also help them feel more connected to your brand and help with engagement.
  3. Simplification
    Simple (but often painful) tasks can be automated via. event apps; such as registration and check in processes.
  4. Be Environmentally Friendly
    A fantastic way of taking your CSR policies to your event is by going paperless! An app can eliminate the need for printed schedules, delegate badges, seating arrangements and even menu cards.
  5. Get Social
    Enhance your audience engagement through live Twitter polling, Facebook live streams and Instagram photo competitions; that can all be accessed through a delegate event app! This will boost your own social channels whilst immersing delegates into the event experience.
  6. Tell us what you think
    Event feedback can be tricky to get off an audience once they’ve left a building. But apps can change all of that by prompting delegates to rate and comment on plenary sessions and activities immediately after they end, giving you live, real time responses. You can even incorporate a ‘live results’ of feedback into sessions to make sure that you’re getting the engagement you want there and then.
  7. The illusive event ROI…
    Apps can really help you prove ROI in live events, something that we know can be a little tricky… Networking and meetings set up during your event through the app can allow you to see what leads have immediately come as a result of the day/s, and feedback is an instantaneous confirmation of how awesome your event has been!

What’s most important here, is that event apps can be whatever you want them to be. As a digital designer at Top Banana, we get to know your event and your goals and can build an app that reflects that; giving you the results that you need and enhancing innovative experience at the same time.

If you want to see how apps can become an integral part of your events, drop me an email and learn about the opportunities it can give you!


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