#TakeRemoteControl Podcast

Around the world, businesses have had to change channels overnight and switch to remote working models. The communications mix has been disrupted, and companies are trying to find their new channel line up to keep their employees and audience switched on.

It’s time to take more remote control, discover more choice, more great comms programme and find your new channel line up. Through a series of blogs, podcasts and real client work, Top Banana will be sharing how to supercharge your remote, switch channels and help you discover what’s on the other side…

In this podcast series, our Client Relationship Director Emma sits down with some inspirational guest speakers as they chat through all things communications – trying to pass on some insight to those out there who are having to rethink their current channel mix because of the effects of COVID-19. So get those earphones in, sit back and let us know what you think…


For our first episode of the #TakeRemoteControl Podcast series, we’re talking to Ryan Berman, founder of Courageous; a create-the-change consultancy that helps companies develop courageous teams, ideas, and Courage Brands®. Ryan has been covered in Entrepreneur and Forbes – while working with the likes of Google, Major League Baseball, J&J and Caesars Entertainment – just to name a few! We’re chatting today about the new communications mix and using Ryan’s book ‘Return on Courage: a playbook for courageous change’ – to look at how businesses can adapt to the new remote world we’ve found ourselves in overnight. So sit back, grab a cuppa and as always, let us know what you think!

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