T-Roc R Rocks Geneva.

Top Banana have been busy working on a product launch film for Volkswagen R (VW Germany) and the release of one of their new cars, the VW T-Roc R.

Premiered to a global audience at the Geneva Motor Show 2019, the film was to be shown at one of the largest automotive industry events of the year. 2019 saw over 600,000 attendees and 151 car launches from around the world – so we had to make the film for the T-Roc R stand out. The brief was a challenge, as we were unable to use any footage of the car and were told to merely capture the feel of the product and essence of this new vehicle, a big challenge but one Top Banana knew they could achieve.  

Our creative treatment…

This open brief gave Top Banana the opportunity for some cross-team collaboration, as we brought in our Art Director, Film Editor, Motion Graphics Designer, Script Writer and the wider creative team to come up with an innovative solution that would wow the client, but most importantly their audience!  We approached the task with creativity and openness, analysing the brief before coming up with a rationale that fit with the overall vehicle’s personality and company strategy.

Once the team had sign off on their rationale – Top Banana kept in constant contact with VW Germany, which allowed for a deeper understanding of their vision and passion for the T-Roc R. This frequent communication meant we were able produce something that had the VW look and feel but was impactful, fresh and dynamic – everything a new car launch should be.

Using a compilation of handpicked stock footages, we told a story of both power and beauty that conveyed how the T-Roc R was ‘born strong’.  To create this vision, we developed a bespoke music composition that was tailored exactly to the look and feel of the film, coupled with an emotive voice over – we produced a story that fit the journey of the VW T-Roc R which was both captivating and powerful.

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