Sit back and relax…we’ll take it from here.

If you’ve been swept up in the world of venue sourcing, you’re going to need a break. It’s not easy trying to meet the needs of a dozen stakeholders, finding somewhere that ticks everyone’s boxes and exceeds last year’s destination of choice and then getting lucky with the only date your CEO can make in the whole year.


An awesome venue on your terms, at a cost you can justify, with the service levels you would expect. Be it a room for 10 executive board members to debate until the cows come home, or an inspirational space to host a kick-off event for a 2,000 strong salesforce…we’ll take care of it.

Welcome to the world of professional, unbiased and transparent venue sourcing, from a team you can trust…and will love working with.

Top Banana takes the hassle out of venue finding. Whatever brief I give them they will come up with a list of options that I would never be able to imagine or sort by myself and at competitive rates. They make the booking process for venues so easy.

Silver service.

You’re not just working with a long established, reputable agency…you’re working with real people. People who will constantly deliver the highest level of customer service…no matter how large or small your meeting request. People with inbuilt passion and knowledge to ensure we always deliver vale and creativity.

The venues you find always capture the look and feel of what we are about and are large enough to accommodate our crazy syndicate plan … but smart enough to have everyone still close to the main space. I would not have found – or known about -any of these venues without your help.


Alongside the glamour of international congress and annual conference comes the complexity of sourcing, arranging, communicating and managing the logistics of thousands of bedrooms. Lucky for you, we enjoy the ins and outs of delegate accommodation.

Let’s talk about accommodation

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