Creative, well-considered graphics that bring communication to life.

Design is the key to simplifying complicated communication in to simple digestible messages. Expert design gives the right first impression, engages audiences and keeps brands memorable. Our growing team of creative masterminds are constantly coming up with new ways of sharing messages to drive emotional engagement with strategy.

We want you to know in a world where we see working with best-in-class partners as the way forward for our business; you make it easy for us to do business and help us succeed.

Virgin Media Business

Creative Killer.

This is something that everyone faces daily… it affects the simple day to day decisions we make and sucker punches us in creative meetings, leaving us staring blankly into space pressured to be the one with that ultimate idea that will nail that client brief…

Its name is perfection, and it’s a creative killer.

Read more from our Creative Director, Dave Pinches.

Design Academy.

We set up the Top Banana Design Academy to nurture creative talent … giving university design students real world experience, feedback and support to help them understand what life is like in the world of a design studio. It’s also about giving back to the design community and offering an experience we would have liked to have had at their age.

Read more about out design academy initiative


They are a friendly bunch!

If your comms need a lift, or you want to rev up your event design, our graphics team are here to help. They love a chat…and a cuppa.

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