Glensanda…a brand is born

In 2016, Aggregate Industries celebrated 30 years of shipping high quality granite from its Glensanda super quarry on the banks of Lock Linnhe on the picturesque West Coast of Scotland.

Although the quarry had been the beating heart of this part of the Aggregate Industries business all those years, it had little or no visibility.

Enter the Aggregate Industries branding team, who set about developing a unique identity for Glensanda.

Referencing both its long history and current, high tech operation, the resultant Glensanda brand is rooted in its Scottish heritage whilst reflecting its international nature.

Why a film?

Aggregate Industries wanted to give the sales team everything they needed to share the Glensanda story. The brand identity was reinforced with beautifully bound brochures describing the product range.

But the team knew that the best way to tell the story of this amazing quarry, how it sits in harmony in its stunning natural surroundings and the unquestioned quality of the stone quarried here was a film.

What did we do?

A one week on-site filming schedule with a specialist drone team supported by ground shooting with Sony F5 camera crew, plus three days in the Top Banana studio captured all the necessary footage.

But that was only the start!

A week long edit in one of our Avid MC suites was followed by a highly complex grading process to make sure the film ‘matched’ all the sales materials already created.

The result is a visually striking film that really captures the essence of the Glensanda story which has helped sales teams sell the products across the globe.

Check out the film for yourself here, we’re sure you’ll agree.

If you’ve got a story to share, a film can help bring it to life … get in touch on 01562 700404 or email Ian on

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