Moving Forward: What Freedom Day means for Top Banana.

It’s been a long time coming… But after over a year of total disruption, today in England the COVID-19 roadmap has reached an end and life as we know it has been given the green light to move forward. It’s an exciting time that still presents lots of questions, but for Top Banana – it means the beginning of our next chapter as we begin to bring back safe, innovative face to face LIVE events.

To kick this new phase off, here’s Jemma Peers, Top Banana Managing Director talking about what it means to her and us as a business…

“After the turbulent 12 months we all faced in 2020, we were all hoping for 2021 to be plain sailing. As a business, we’ve not got “back to live” as quickly as we had hoped, however, we continue to move forward and embrace the “new world” and I for one am finding it really exciting…

Over the last year, we’ve pioneered creativity in the virtual world and have pushed creative and digital limits for our client projects. The team and I are not only ready for the return of live events but the exciting future of hybrid – learning more every day on how we can take our new skills, technology, and creativity, and combine them with our live event expertise to form incredible experiences for all.

I am hopeful, that the revival of full, large capacity events is within touching distance, especially thanks to the successes of the government pilot events that have proven, as an industry, we can safely create those serotonin inducing moments the public have been craving for the last 18 months.

As I write this, we have already started delivering hybrid events with socially distanced audiences in the UK, Australia and America. Even better – we have executed our first live audience event (with 200 delegates) since March 2020! It feels great to be delivering a live experience again but as always, we approach them with caution. We know this next stage isn’t going to feel right for everyone, right away, but we hope that we can continue to prove and show our industry that face to face can happen and bring incredible results and no matter how the world moves forwards – safety will remain at the heart of every experience we create.

As face to face begins to fill Top Banana’s pipeline for the rest of 2021, one thing I know for sure is my first time back on-site with a live audience will be one I won’t forget – and with all the optimism I can muster, I truly believe that for the rest of this year, you’ll be hearing about even more incredible live experiences we’ve created for our clients.

Enjoy this new phase of freedom, continue to stay safe and I hope to see you soon.

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