Millennials: Changing the landscape of Venue Sourcing.

It’s the era of Millennials and Generation Z. Vloggers, Insta Celebrities and memes are in; DVDs, MSN and CD’s are out.

We see on a daily basis how the current generation are changing our social landscape and culture, but how does this impact industries? Millennials are now between 22-37 and Generation Z are just about to become professionals. Together, they are about to be the majority of Britain’s workforce and we have to adapt to the societal changes that they have bought with them. So, what does this mean for venue sourcing?

Well, gone are the days when a conference can be in a hotel meeting room, with a power point running and everyone sits round a board room table. We have to think creatively, interactively and technologically and make events innovative – starting with the venue. There are four themes that we’ve seen gain importance with the rise of Millennials and Gen Z, so take a look at the new list of considerations that you should have for your venue, to give them the Millennial stamp of approval.

  1. Keep it Green

Millennials are driving a global force away from meat, plastic and co2 emissions. They’re the most environmentally conscious generation that we’ve ever had, and venues need to start reflecting this. Of course, this is important to a lot of us outside of the Millennial age bracket – and there are some fantastic venues which tick the green box and are perfect for an array of events; whilst also keeping you eco-friendly.

Our Top picks are The Crystal, London, the Royal Lancaster London and The Goodwood Estate

The Crystal, London

  1. Make it Insta Worthy

2018 is all about social media, specifically, Instagram. Making sure venues are beautiful both inside and out is high on the priorities list for Millennials and Gen Z, as the decisions that they (and a lot of us) often make, are now influenced by the desire to create a certain look on social media. So, make sure that venue is worthy for ‘the gram’, because if you haven’t got a picture of it … did you even do it?

To get those photos on point, make sure you look at these venues; Belmond Le Manoir aux Quat’SaisonsSea Containers London – 12th Knot, Sky Garden and the Leadhenhall Building – Landing 42

Sky Garden, London

  1. All about Tech

Millennials and Gen Z are technologically savvy. They’ve grown up with mobile phones, iPads and Wifi and have no idea what dial up is or the dread that came with it… Because of this, venues need to accommodate and provide technological advancements from the offset that fit to the evolving needs of attendees. That means superfast Wi-Fi in every room, USB charging, automatic/ machine check in offerings and mobile apps. The more futuristic, innovative and connective – the better!

For this, we love Hilton HotelsNH-Hotels and The Slate – Warwick Conferences

The Slate, Warwick Conferences

  1. Creative Space

Creativity is the new productivity for a lot of millennials. They care about work life balance, are media savvy and often entrepreneurial driven – which can all be reflected in venue spaces. Innovative settings that are colourful, relaxed and inspirational should be top of the list for your Millennial work force, as to them, venues are an extension of the company culture and they believe that they should be comfortable and inspired if they’re going produce their best work. Everyone can benefit from a beautiful working environment – so make sure you remember this when booking venues and inspire your attendees.

Have a look at Fazeley Studios  and Shoreditch Tree House to get those creative juices flowing

Shoreditch Tree House, London

We’ve got it covered when searching for the millennial friendly venues that make your event 100% insta worthy, innovative and eco-friendly. Have a conversation with us today on how we can negotiate better rates and contracts for awesome venues that suit your budget, strategy and vision … at no extra cost to you.

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