Meet our new recruit! Naomi Spence joins Top Banana Account Team

We recently announced we were joining the TBA Group, and as the post shared, Top Banana is growing and looking towards an awesome 2021. After successfully navigating the global pandemic, taking the virtual world by storm, and welcoming several new clients on board in the past 12 months, we find ourselves in a great position and as a result, have welcomed new members to our team!

Meet our latest arrival, Senior Account Manager Naomi Spence. Naomi will be joining one of our pre-existing account teams and will be working with our communication clients on a range of events as well as internal communication projects. Joining us amidst the current lockdown, Naomi has not had the standard work induction, so we’ve had a virtual sit down and caught up about her experience, plus have asked some questions for you to get to know her better!

So, Naomi, tell us about your experience before starting at Top Banana?

I actually studied Marketing Comms & Advertising at University, however, when I started working part-time at a venue, I instantly got the buzz for live comms & events! I had a brief stint in sales and marketing within the construction industry but soon realised that my passion was for creative communications and I really wanted to be in an innovative environment. For the last 5 years, I have done just that and have been at a creative communications agency working across a wide range of projects, doing anything from corporate film and live events to design and communication projects! As an agency, we always knew about Top Banana and I followed their journey, so when this job came up, I knew I had to apply.

You have obviously got some amazing experience under your belt – are there any standout moments from your career so far?

This is tough as I am passionate about everything I do and there have been so many experiences that have taught me so much! But, if I must choose, working on a large-scale multi-dimensional partner event in Sitges was probably the most fun I have had, but I was also incredibly proud when I had 2 articles recently published in a widescale magazine about one of my projects. I am always proud of the work I do but you definitely get a buzz when the success is picked up on externally!

What made you apply for a job at Top Banana?

Like I said I have followed Top Banana for a long time and have always taken an interest in the business. It’s been an admiration from afar and I’ve followed what they do for a long time, plus as one of the leading agencies in the industry, I knew I had to jump at the opportunity to join the team. Top Banana has an amazing list of clients and mixed with their culture – it just gives me a really exciting buzz coming to work every day.

Starting a job in lockdown has been a completely different experience – how have you found everything so far?

It has certainly been strange – especially for our industry and having to adapt to delivering virtually. This was something totally new to me, so it’s been a real education learning about Top Banana whilst getting immersed in our virtual offering! Though we are all living in a contactless world everyone here has made me feel so welcome and made so much effort to help me get to know both the role and my clients. The team even arranged virtual ‘gin-wags’ with clients to introduce me to the team – thought I’m missing out on face-to-face introductions; this has really helped me connect with people and it’s helped a lot in getting stuck into the role!

Is there anything you’re excited to work on with Top Banana? Any awesome projects on the horizon?   

I am so excited to get to know all my clients in more depth and to deliver what looks like some amazing projects for them. It’s especially exciting as we are now navigating back to a new kind of normal, delivering hybrid events for (most likely) the rest of 2021. That means that regular activities my team have carried out for clients in the past are having to be totally re-imagined for the post-covid world – so it feels like for many events I’m coming in on a clean slate! I’m getting to be really creative and am so pleased to be here as we just crack open the opportunity’s hybrid brings – it’s going to be a good year!

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