Why measuring ROI is a no-brainer!

Originally featured in Stand Out Magazine, here, MD Nick Terry explains why measuring the ROI of live events is a no-brainer.

Live events have to work hard and that means they have to make a difference to the way things are done when everyone’s back in their day job once the event is over and done with.

So why do so many agencies still set about the task of organising an event without understanding how their client’s audience is feeling, agreeing any clear objectives or planning how to measure that event’s success in terms of its effectiveness?

The answer is simple … because measurement adds complexity to the whole process.

It requires a great deal of time, effort and – perhaps most difficult of all – it requires the agency to sit at the top table and challenge senior leadership thinking in a way that many are not comfortable with.

But the rewards more than justify the means.

When everyone understands what’s on the audience’s mind, what needs to change and the steps needed to make those changes, a live event is quite simply the best way to get everyone on board and ready to face the challenges ahead … to bring everyone together behind the company’s ambitions and to help the team to understand how they can do things differently to bring about that change.

So, my message is simple.

Talk to your audience so you recognise the stones in their shoes. Create clear objectives for the event … simple and concise. Measure against those objectives by benchmarking ahead of the event and again after it’s all over, to see how the audience has shifted.

Agencies who are serious about delivering effective events for their clients will not shy away from measuring ROI … it’s their best way to demonstrate how they add value to the whole process.

Our production teams are all trained in the Event ROI Methodology, so we understand how to create events that can be measured effectively and so deliver greater benefit to our clients.

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