Maximising face to face communication in a digital world.

Although communication is now as simple as the click of a button … most organisations still understand the value of face to face. But, with death by PowerPoint still a big corporate killer, good use of the latest technologies to maximise the impact of face to face events remains a largely untapped resource.

Engaging your audience before, during and after your event is vital and the ways you can do this via digital and social platforms are growing by the day.

Here are our top ten tips for using digital to powerhouse your face to face comms.

1. Measurement
With ROI at the top of the agenda for internal communicators, digital enables you to weave an incredibly effective measurement tool into your event, allowing temperature checks (and comparisons) pre, post and during the event.

2. Delivering relevant content
Digital allows you to gather vital insight from delegates ahead of your event … including what challenges are front of mind, what’s affecting the day job and potential event content they feel is important. This insight gathering can continue right up to and during event day for maximum impact.

3. Live streaming
Cascading information is vital to make sure key messages hit the front line. Live streaming from your event allows these messages to reach a much wider audience – straight from the horse’s mouth.

4. Anonymity to ask the difficult questions
We’ve all been there….requests for questions met with deathly silence! Digital platforms allow your audience to anonymously ask the burning questions on everyone’s lips.

5. Fuelling communities
If events are the instigator of communities within the company … then social platforms can help facilitate these by uniting and building communities on the day through live Twitter feeds and digital comment boards.

6. Slick event management
Logistically, digital allows you to manage the delegates, RSVPs and logistics much more effectively, saving valuable time and resource.

7. Continued engagement after the event
Events can’t be seen in isolation … they’re part of a wider internal communication and engagement strategy. With events serving as a powerful catalyst for action, social provides a platform to maintain and nurture momentum post event, including creation of post event work streams, deliverables and shared results.

8. Sharing content – before, during and after
The power of the visual continues to grow as a tool to achieve genuine emotional engagement. Digital platforms allow easy sharing of visual content … on the day and afterwards … with wider teams and beyond.

9. Driving adoption of your internal social enterprise
More and more companies are launching employee social networks to drive collaboration and information sharing across teams, disciplines and geographies … but take-up is always a massive challenge. Events are a great way to promote your internal social enterprise by integrating it into the content and interaction elements.

10. Breaking down silos and hierarchies
Events are no longer about the few (or the one!) telling the many … but rather a fluid process of feedback, ideas sharing and two way dialogue which helps to break down organisation silos and hierarchies and promote innovation through new relationships and information sharing. Social tools can really help create those initial connections and so build stronger relationships across the business.

Successfully adopted digital technologies into your own event programme? We’d love to hear how. Drop us a line.

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