Maximising Agency Value: The Results

The thrill of the pitch. Those wow moments in presentations. Dazzling creativity. Most agencies are extremely well versed at getting things off on the right foot. But, after those first impressions, then what?

We put some willing volunteers under the Top Banana microscope to find out what businesses really expect from an agency beyond the eloquent promises of that first date.

We started with the obvious. “What tops your list for working with an agency?” 44% say they’re looking for fresh, original ideas. Internal teams want agencies to help them come up with what they can’t come up with on their own. Make sense to us!

So, the agencies present all these wonderful ideas in the pitch… but do they deliver it? Surprisingly, the jury is split on this one. 52% told us the agency got them,  got their business, got their challenge and got what they want to achieve. Then came up with the goods. But that leaves 48% who weren’t 100% happy.

Want to find out more? Download our infographic for the full results.



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