Loqate: Bringing Brand to Life Through the Power of Film

Film can be a powerful tool for marketing. Whether it’s a case study film, brand video or for social channels, film can encapsulate what might be a difficult message in a 2-minute, creative compilation that allows your audience to understand your message with clarity.

When GBG, the global specialists in identity data intelligence, were in the process of launching a new brand, Loqate, they needed a film which told their brand story and explain how the change would affect their customers.

It was understood that the film needed to reveal the new brand as an exciting and engaging development of the company; and one that would stand out as world class against the competition. Knowing this, Top banana set out with a clear vison of how they would bring GBG’s message to life.

The message was presenter led taking the audience on a journey through different places and locations with a script explaining what location intelligence is and why Loqate are number one in their field.  To illustrate the global presence of GBG and give scale to the message, stock footage was edited with the filmed footage. The message was really brought to life through animation which helped illustrate the volume of data available in different locations as it appears at the fingertips of the presenter.

To elevate the production values further, the final edit was sent to a music composer to create the sound design to fit the film. The final cut was completed with a grade to enhance the images and create a high-end cinematic quality film.

Always setting out to question what clients want the audience to think, feel and do as a result of watching the film, the team pushed creative boundaries and suggested 4 creative treatments not initially considered by the client. This inevitably paid off, as the ideas were taken on board and produced a film that showed the essence of the new brand; whilst also receiving fantastic feedback…

“We knew the video would play a big part of our marketing campaign, but we didn’t expect it to have the impact it did both internally and externally. Video is a great way of getting important business messages across and Top Banana really helped us come up with a creative solution that worked for our brand and audience.”  – Carly Barnes, Content Marketing Manager, GBG.

Watch the film and see the impact that film can make on your marketing messages…

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