It’s not just about how we move people emotionally to get a message to truly land. It’s about how we deliver the audience… ready, fresh, unruffled and in the right mind-set to participate. We do whatever it takes to bring everything together and get your show on the road, anywhere in the world. We make sure it’s all delivered flawlessly and on brand.


Give your delegates peace of mind.

With our huge experience delivering events all over the world, we get the right people to the right place at the right time!

We make the delegate experience seamless from start to finish … through great communication, attention to detail and always with a smile on our faces! That’s the Top Banana way.

You guys are truly exceptional at what you do! You are professional, organized, efficient … but more importantly you are passionate, emotionally involved and uncompromising, which is what sets you above the rest.

Managing Director, Kellogg’s South Africa

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