Listening, authenticity & measurement … why they should matter to IC professionals in 2017

We spend a lot of time working with and talking to IC profs in a cross section of organisations.

Here’s our take on what’s on their minds as 2017 unfolds … along with some articles you may find useful from us and other specialists in the world of IC and engagement.


Help leaders to listen to their employees and act on what they hear … it’s essential to improve engagement levels.

Engage 4 Success live and breathe engagement, so here’s their take on listening.

Be authentic

Encourage the leadership team to cut the power talk, speak from the heart and walk the walk … authenticity is one of the biggest drivers of trust.

Click this link to download our own Trust report where you can find out more about the importance of leadership authenticity in building trust.


Put measurements in place so you gain genuine ROI on your efforts … it will not only help you see what works and what doesn’t, but will also support future budget requests.

Read more about measurement on Rachel Miller’s blog at All Things IC here.

And remember … there’s no better way to communicate than face to face.

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