IoIC Webinar: But my manager told me.

Discussing the importance of middle managers in building trust

Internal Communication & HR practitioners are focusing massively on employee engagement as a key driver of business performance … but if trust is low, do you have engaged staff?

On 4th July we are hosting a webinar with the IoIC – featuring AXA PPP Healthcare’s Head of Internal Communication Deborah de Satge, IoIC Chief Executive Jennifer Sproul and our very own Huw Wigley – which will focus on trust, its link to growth and importantly, middle management’s pivotal role in building or maintaining trust.

The audience will learn, from original research, the important role middle managers play in internal communication and how this can affect trust and business performance as well as hearing best practice from .

You can book your place here.

The agenda looks like this:

Why has middle management become such an important topic for Internal Communications professionals?
Jennifer Sproul, Chief Executive, IoIC

The connection between performance, trust and leadership and the vital role this plays in the relationship between senior leaders and middle management.
Huw Wigley, Client Engagement Director, Top Banana

Sharing best practice: An interview with Debroah de Satge , Head of Internal Communication, on how they have taken steps to build trust with their middle management.
Deborah de Satge, Head of Internal Communication, AXA PPP Healthcare

Q&A – The audience’s chance to ask the panel questions, share best practice and top tips.

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