Introducing Generation Now!

Generation X, Y & Z

There’s a lot of noise about the impact Millennials are having on the workforce right now.

For the first-time, our workforce spans four generations. But why are businesses panicking about how to communicate with an age range of 17 to 70?

Rumour has is that each of these ‘generations’ come equipped with their own communication preferences…Millennials are said to only engage through their screens preferring instant messaging and emails…whilst Baby Boomers are all about formal presentations and face to face communication.

But at Top Banana we don’t think you can generalise communication in this way.

Meet Generation Now!

Business communication is about getting key messages across to every single member of the team…whether they’re pushing 70 or skimming 20!

You may have 100 employees showing up to the same event, but they’ll all have a unique perspective, expectation and learning style.

Businesses should think about how to tell a story, how to make it matter to every person in the room and what tools and tactics can be used to bring strategy to life in different ways.

Generation Now is about what your audience needs right now…despite age, gender or any other demographic…it’s about their current mind-set, preferred learning styles and what the company wants them to go away thinking, feeling and doing.

Find out more about how to engage with Generation Now here!

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