Inspirational leaders are not qualified by gender but by the energy, drive and passion they possess

International Women's Day 2018

International Women’s Day is all about celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievement of women. With 70% of our company made up of women… we have plenty to celebrate. Including the fact that 5 out of 6 of our leadership team are women.

The BLT is made up of CEO Richard Bridge, Operations Director Jade Ball, Finance Director Jane Bradley, Commercial Director Jemma Peers and Head of Venues Louise Goalen… not forgetting our Company Secretary Kath Ivins.

“The newly reformed BLT (Banana Leadership Team) was a gathering of key individuals with specific talents and skills that the business needs to drive growth,” explains Richard Bridge. “They’ve been chosen not for their gender, but their abilities and brilliance.”

I believe inspirational leaders are not qualified by gender but by the energy, drive and passion they possess.

“It’s purely accidental that we are all female as we have all earned a position on the board as a result of our hard work, commitment and quite simply being good at what we do. It really is about having the right people at the right level to make the right decisions for the business.” adds Jade Ball.

Louise concludes “It’s important for young women to see that other women in the industry have made it to board level and I hope it inspires people to keep pushing for their career goals. Women must be encouraged to fulfil their ambitions from a young age through positive role models, but it is equally important for men in the industry to have male and female leaders to look up to and be inspired by.”

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