Innovating Digital Solutions: Moving towards a post-COVID world.

Tomorrow (24th February 2022) will cease the end of all COVID restrictions in England, including self-isolation rules. This is incredible news for our industry knowing that we can FINALLY get back to that pre-COVID level of normality we’ve been longing for, and of course…even more live events!

One of the biggest adaptations we’ve made over the past two years has been digressing from live events and concentrating on how we can continue to innovate meaningful experiences that inspire emotional connections through digital solutions. Although, our industry predicts that hybrid events will be sticking around a little longer, even with the larger scope to go back to live. During an interview in C&IT’s State of the Industry report ‘5 ways to deliver best-in-class hybrid events’ (Flatch, 2021) a CEO of a Birmingham based agency said, “They will be a mainstay of UK events for evermore” and “Corporate clients will use digital and hybrid events tactically”

Despite our urge to deliver more in-person events, we agree that digital solutions are still great resources to continue utilising. Although, let’s apply these capabilities with a different perspective…

In the past, hybrid experiences have been largely viewed as a solution to get around COVID restrictions and remain compliant. Although, in our ever-changing world, a different perspective of this efficiency is imminent for 2022. As we do head back into the live events arena, we can learn from our hybrid tactics and how they can enhance live experiences to make them better than we ever remember. Hybrid has expanded the event arena, making it the largest it’s ever been, and giving it the multi-dimensional feel our modern day has been looking for.

So, what have we been up to?

In 2021 we worked alongside a global event publishing house to provide an awards ceremony that praised the results and achievements of their delegates. The client’s aim was to connect the business on an international scale and ensure that every part of the business felt included and celebrated. Using our bespoke Event Arena built for the award’s the live ceremony, that was held in London, the event could be opened to all 10,000 employees across the world, creating unison by digitally bridging the gap. Ian Cooke, our Account Director that worked on the event said:

“The event was hugely successful in uniting each part of the business. Adding a digital solution to the event allowed everyone to be in one ‘room’, which attempting to do face-to-face would’ve been incredibly complex to achieve logistically, sustainably, and financially. Without this solution, it’s unlikely that the business would’ve been able to unite every delegate like this.”

Broadening the scope physically isn’t the only pro when including digital solutions, as we can also increase the sphere in terms of audience type, demographics and meeting recent developments in expectations. It’s all about consistently remaining innovative when it comes to content, as Marc Hazelden our Client Strategy and Innovation Director continues,

“Integrating digital alongside live is key now, as expectations ever-change in a post-pandemic landscape. Experiences must be interactive, meaningful, and authentic but always remain mindful of multi-generational and diverse audiences and how inclusive it is of them. Offering an entire eco-system of touchpoints is much more common now, as audiences want variety and the ability to personalise their own experience, whilst remaining consistent with the messaging”

We really can’t wait to get back out there delivering more of the face-to-face experiences we know and love, and we know you guys can’t wait either, but there’s still definitely a place for hybrid and virtual to continue to grow and flourish into something that works perfectly for your next communications experience.

To find out more about our digital solutions, get in touch and let’s chat about how we can help.

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