Incentive travel: Building legacy with CSR 

Top Banana’s Director of Incentives, Elliott Grant, took to the stage at the C&IT Agency Forum and spoke about how businesses can incorporate CSR in to their incentive travel programmes to help build a legacy … not just for the business, but for the individual and the project they engage with.

Here’s a run-down of what he spoke about…

CSR is now a selling point for businesses and is a progressing trend, with a 2017 report stating that 61% of UK events professionals said that they have seen an increase in the importance of CSR in the events industry over the past 12 months. C&IT research also shows that 84% of delegates are more engaged with a programme featuring CSR.

Elliott spoke about the idea of the triple bottom line, where companies are now considering how their actions effect profit, people and the environment. Also, not forgetting the importance of social media where companies can be judged on sustainability goals and how they treat the environment.

Incorporating CSR in to an incentive travel programme provides a triple threat in terms of outcome. Individuals bond with company values and associate the business with lasting positive memories, the company builds a connection with a cause which helps with both staff retention and customer perception and the project benefits from raised awareness and connection with the both individuals and corporations.

From small considered actions such as lowering your plastic usage and providing re-usable bottles for attendees, to taking days of the trip out to volunteer on projects such as Team Rubicon Disaster Relief, CSR is easier than you think to develop into an incentives trip.

  • Small things: Give delegates water bottles on arrival with the logo of the incentive on it. People will keep it for at least the rest of the year, which elongates the branding of the incentive and reduces the use of one-time-use disposable plastic water bottles. There are lots of opportunities to make incentives a little more sustainable.
  • The Enhancement: Foster an elephant for an entire year for $50. As a foster parent you can go to a private viewing to see the elephant. Experiences such as feeding them will stay with delegates after they go home. It elongates the ROI and the year-long fostering builds a legacy for the individual and the business.
  • The Whole Caboodle: Go and help with disaster clean up, or get involved with ongoing projects, i.e. bringing electricity to charities in Nepal

Whether it’s a small element of the incentive trip or a major activity, the result of incorporating CSR into incentive travel will be a legacy for the individual, the company and the project.

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