We truly believe hybrid and virtual events will become part of the “new normal” for business, so here’s a low down on what you need to know about hybrid events.

What is a hybrid event?

Hybrid events are, quite simply, a mix of live and virtual. A true hybrid event utilises technology to bring online audiences into a physical event. It sounds relatively straight forward, but there is a lot to consider. It’s not as simple as creating a live event as you normally would. A successful hybrid event will engage with the online audience, just as much as they would a physical audience at every part of the event program. Engagement is the single most crucial ingredient to the success of a hybrid event, as it essentially distinguishes your event from watching a YouTube style video.

Is the venue still important for hybrid events?

Absolutely. Whilst there is a large focus on the online element, the event still needs to be hosted in a physical location, which means there is definitely no cutting corners with the venue. We truly believe that the right venue is one of the biggest factors to a successful event as it reflects your brand and message in many ways. With hybrid events you can either stick with a traditional venue, or you can opt for a studio set up – it all depends on your brief and event objectives. Obviously, a hybrid event brings with it a longer list of technical requirements, so when looking for a venue to host your event, you not only need to consider the usual elements such as location and capacity, but also things like internet speed and reliability and space for technical support and camera crew.

Should we use the venues broadcast system and capabilities? 

Many venues are starting to offer their own broadcasting technology solutions or are at least more accommodating to hybrid being an option, which is absolutely fantastic for the industry. The technology you choose to broadcast your event doesn’t have to be complicated; as long as it’s reliable and achievable, that part can be pretty straight forward. However, what is important is thinking about how you are able to engage and interact with your audience. You don’t want to just transmit information to them, you want engagement tools such as polling, Q&A and chat, so your audience feel just as part of the event as if they were in the room. 

Are hybrid events here to stay or just a compromise during the pandemic?

We truly believe hybrid and virtual events will become part of the “new normal” for business. Whilst we were forced to transition to these types of events at the beginning of lockdown as an alternative to live face to face events, we really think they’ve proven themselves as an event solution. Whilst we can all agree they will never replace face to face events, they definitely have their place and in the world of events, hybrid absolutely makes sense.

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