Harnessing the power of film in live events.

Creative Director, Richard Bridge explains why film is such a powerful tool in live events.

“Film is crucial to an immersive live event environment. It drives emotion like no other medium, so if you’re looking to communicate and really make people feel a specific way, it’s ideal.” says Richard.

He continues: “A carefully crafted event film can do many things … inspire people around a vision, tell a story succinctly and emotively, bring people into the room who wouldn’t otherwise be there, set a scene, take people into the future … as a medium, it’s incredibly versatile. But as with everything, unless it’s well considered, it just won’t have the impact you’re after.”

Richard explains: “Understanding the reason for showing the film …what you want it to achieve … is absolutely fundamental. Films are all too often shown just to break up the plenary sessions with no real strategic purpose. Once you’ve established the objectives for the event as a whole, you can work out how film can support the messaging in a really creative, engaging way. Part of this is using films at the right moment, to change the audience mindset, mood or energy level as part of the overall delegate journey.”

Film needs to be considered as part of the mix from the outset. There are times in live events when we expect to see film … and it works. But to really use it to its full potential, perhaps choosing times when people aren’t expecting it can have an even greater impact?


“We often use film to set the scene and tee up the rest of an event. A creative opening video can get everyone on the same page very quickly, shortcutting long presentations and really grabbing people’s attention instantly,” says Richard.

He continues: “Using film to transport people into a future filled with success can be incredibly motivating too. Or capturing an event on film and sharing a highlight video at the end, to remind people of the important messages before they head back to their day job.”

“And that’s another benefit of using film … it can be used after the event’s over, either as a reminder to those who were in the room … or to get the message out to a wider group” he added, before concluding : “Whatever the purpose, there’s absolutely no point embarking on the process of creating any kind of film, in any format, unless you have a clear objective for that film at the outset.”

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