The future of film in live events.

In the second of our blogs on film, Richard gives us the heads up on a couple of themes around the future of film in live events.

In terms of technological advances, we’ve used 360º, multiple screen and super wide formats recently to great effect”. Richard explains: “You can really immerse an audience in a message when you supersize the projection. One of the most powerful was an opener for a recent event we did for Kering – it really drew the audience in and set the scene for the rest of the event.”

Richard is also seeing growth in the use of animation. “It’s a great way to get across complex messages in an easy to digest way. We created an animated film for Marston’s last year to help them prepare their workforce for a move into new premises and a whole new way of working. It went down a storm and helped make the transition to the new building really smooth for everyone involved.”

Here’s the Marston’s ‘Agile Working’ animated film …

Richard sees storytelling becoming more and more important in film making. He says: “People want to be lured into messages rather than have them shoved in their face. I think you should always feel that the audience can leave at any time, so you have to court them and not take their presence for granted. Storytelling is a well-accepted way of making messages stick, so adopting a storytelling approach to film is no different.”

He also believes that, no matter what you’re doing, when you’re using film you have to entertain people. This doesn’t mean everything has to be light hearted, there can be deep messages conveyed, but you have to do it in an entertaining way.

He adds: “Even a potentially dry Health & Safety or training film . . . do it in an entertaining way, come up with a concept and don’t be lazy. The audience engagement and message retention will be so much better. Storytelling and entertainment – the two go hand in hand.”

Richard adds a caution: “It’s important not to allow technology to become the ‘be all and end all’. There’s no point using the latest wide-screen format or creating a great looking animated sequence unless the purpose and messaging is absolutely clear. Get that right at the outset and your film will deliver in spades.”

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