Every generation needs empathy.

Companies trying to communicate with staff aged from 17 to 70+ are juggling tactics in the hope of suiting every generation.

But making sure your message lands is all about being empathetic to your audience mindset … not their age bracket … and this is never more true than in the live event arena.

Whilst different generations may have their communication preferences, all of us share a common desire to understand how something is going to impact us personally. What it means for us as individuals. What it means for us now.

So, understanding what questions your audience want answered in the moment is essential if your message is going to land with your intended impact … regardless of the listener’s age.

Be empathetic in how you deliver your message … depending on what that message is, how your audience is feeling, the mood of the organisation and your own communication style.

Get that right and no matter how old your listener, they will trust what you say and rally behind you.

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