This International Women’s Day – we’re joining the #eachforequal cause and fighting gender stereotypes and bias.

There are still people who question what ‘women can do’. At Top Banana however, 5 out of 8 of our leadership team are women and we know that they are true leaders and experts in their fields.

This isn’t however a common statistic. Women are commonly un-represented in the boardroom across all industries – with only 25 women in chair positions across all companies on the FTSE 350 list. To forge a gender equal world – we need to wipe out preconceived ideas of what each gender is capable of and take action for equality by calling out inequality.

With that in mind – we’ve asked the women of Top Banana to share what equality means to them and how they’re challenging and finding power being a woman both in business and at home…

“Equality to me is teaching my son Harry that mums can follow their career dreams and be an amazing parent – so when he has a family of his own – he can encourage the woman in his life to follow her dreams too”

Jemma Peers, Commercial Director

“I was recently questioned about being the ‘decision maker’ when buying a car and was asked to ensure my husband was present as he would be making the decision. These are the stereotypes I fight everyday – as there are still too many people who don’t see that women have power, authority and the ability to make their own way in the world. #EachforEqual is a reminder that we have to fight the boundaries the world has created for us and challenge people everyday to see us as the leaders we are”

Jade Ball, Operations Director

“Equality to me means fighting for balance in the workplace. I recently read an article about companies aiming to achieve a 50/50 split of male/female management roles, and it motivates me that more companies are moving this way as we fight for equality in every industry”

Storm Eisler, Account Executive

“Raising 2 sons and a daughter whilst maintaining a successful career is nothing short of juggling act. In our house equality is key, with both myself and my husband striving for the most from our careers whilst raising our children. It’s vital that they know no matter what their gender – they can be whatever they want to be and still have a family/ work life balance”

Emma Collins, Client Relationship Director

“Equality for me is about celebrating being a woman. Yes men and women are different – but we will always be equal and that’s what I try to teach my son and the younger generation”

Beth Gray, Marketing Manager

“To be equal we have to make a world where men and women can do/ think/ feel the same as one another – no gender boxes or stereotypes – just the knowledge that we all have the power and authority to be whoever we want to be regardless of our gender”

Joanna Darby, Marketing Assistant

“5 out of 8 of Top Banana’s senior management team are women and it inspires me to strive for similar roles in the future, whist supporting junior team members to do the same. I want move forward into a world where there is a even split of men and women in managerial roles like mine”

Steph Aviss, Account Manager

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