Don’t get lost in the lingo

Hybrid Events, Furlough, Quarantini’s… The global pandemic has added a whole number of new words to our vocabulary. Our industry is no exception. As we’ve navigated our new virtual world, we too have created our own terms to describe virtual engagement. However, as we all start looking forward to a post-pandemic world – we want to start breaking down the buzz words and focus on what’s really important…

COVID-19 has led to an explosion of new phrases and neologisms. Although this new vocabulary helps us make sense of the changes that have become part of our everyday lives, it’s also pretty easy to get lost in the lingo and lose sight of the message.

Hybrid is currently the word on everyone’s lips. Every blog you read will describe it as the next big thing, and it’s easy to understand why! Over the last 12 months, we have realised more than ever the benefits a virtual event brings and know that the innovative online elements will become essential to many live experiences going forward. In essence that is what hybrid events are – seamlessly linking elements from a live and virtual event. But for us, the future is all about creating the right experience for our clients and their audiences – no matter what the event format is.

It’s easier than ever to connect to people, but harder than ever to connect with people. The connecting ‘to’ people is all about the technology and the type of medium chosen e.g. a live, virtual or hybrid event. However, the most important element of an event and the most challenging part is successfully connecting with the audience.

Our Managing Director, Jemma Peers explains in her own terms…
Hybrid Event

“The team at Top Banana have always been really authentic with their clients. If they don’t need an event and their message is best communicated in another way, we’ll tell them. It’s the same with live, virtual and hybrid events. We don’t want clients to get lost in the vocabulary and start their briefing process with the ‘type’ of event they want if it isn’t right for the experience they want to create. We get under the skin of their business, strategy and people. It’s only then we’re able to intelligently form the balance between live and virtual and create messages and communication that enable them to successfully connect with their audience.”

Find out more about how we’re focussing on the experience and giving our clients and their delegates memories they’ll never forget here. If you’ve got any questions on how we can help bring your messages to life – get in touch!

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