We’re committed to developing young talent and finding the next generation of superstars.

Driven by our Art Director, Dave Pinches, the Design Academy was set up to nurture young designers and support them to achieve their ambition of working in graphic design. It’s a chance for them to hear professional feedback on their work, to help them understand how to use their portfolios to showcase their skills when talking to prospective employers. 

We’re now growing and beginning to host university students studying on event placements! As we expand this initiative, here’s what our students have said about us so far… 

“It was great to have the opportunity to contribute to a live project. It allowed me to be really creative and gave me first hand experience of what it’s like working to real deadlines.”

Georgia, University of Wolverhampton

“I have really enjoyed working on a brief that is completely different to the usual University projects that I am used to. It has also been really helpful to have a portfolio review with some of the creative team as it allowed me to get professional feedback that I can now put into action and help me with future employment.”

Rosie, University of Birmingham

“Seeing how the Top Banana team brand and create designs for an event is something that I will take into my own work. I feel I will return to university with a better understanding for the process of a design project.”

Sunny, University of Wolverhampton

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