Design Academy: Summer Recruit.

We recently welcomed 3rd year Wolverhampton University design student, Hannah Burrows, to the plantation for a Design Academy placement in our graphic design team.

With the initiative in its 4th year, Hannah is the latest student to gain real world experience, feedback and support in the creative communications industry. As for Top Banana – we get to give back to the design community and offer an experience that we would have liked to have had at their age!

The aim for Top Banana is that the students go away with greater knowledge and experience and have had a great time working on something totally new and different to their normal university studies. We asked Hannah about just that and here’s what she had to say…

So Hannah, what project did you work on to win your place on design academy?

I had to create a logo and assets for a SEAT event called Vive Libre. I found it quite challenging – but in a good way as I definitely felt the pressure to up my game to really try and impress Dave (Art Director) and Martha (Senior Graphic Designer). I enjoyed the process and was really happy with what I created. I even continued to work on it after the project was over, creating an app for the event using the branding I had designed.

Amazing! So what kind of work have you been doing since arriving?

I’ve been helping with some current live briefs, sitting in on creative meetings and helping to prepare visuals for a pitch. I’ve also been working on some designs from a past brief that I can add to my portfolio.

And did you find those experiences helpful?

It’s been really useful to gain an insight into how a real design studio works, how people collaborate and what the workload and work rate is like. I’ve learnt a lot and had a great time!

When we welcome design academy students we give you a portfolio review – did you find it helpful?

The portfolio review was really good, as it’s given me a real insight on what my strengths and weaknesses are and what I can improve on. I’ve also had some feedback on how to tailor my portfolio to prospective employers.

Could you see yourself working somewhere like this in the future?

Looking further into the future I could definitely see myself being part of a design studio like the one at Top Banana. It’s been interesting to see how much of a collaborative effort it is throughout the whole company and not just within the design team.

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