Creativity Crisis.

We’re being forced to change the way we work, the way we live – and throughout it all, people are finding creative solutions and ingenuity to cope with outside factors they can’t control.

As a creative communications agency we are always coming up with new ideas and right now it feels like we’re having to more than ever invent new ways to keep our creativity, morale and business turning. So here are a few tips to help raise spirits and keep a level of engagement whilst working from home – basically fun things you and your team can do to keep spirits high!

  • Happy Hour
    Spend some time chatting about, nothing! Share a virtual cocktail and just enjoy being with your co-workers for something that’s not to do with work.
  • Lunch Club
    You can’t sit with one another in the canteen anymore, but you can tune in and virtually eat your lunch together and chat about your day. It’s more important than ever to have a lunch hour and regular breaks away from your dining room table. Cabin Fever is a real thing so make sure you try to keep to a working routine you would in the office – including co-worker interaction. Plus there’s no better time to show off your culinary skills! Turn lunch club into MasterChef and ask everyone to present their dishes – whoever has the most food envy wins!
  • Fancy Dress Friday
    Top Banana seem to have chosen ‘fun hats’ – but you can choose whatever you like! Simply get people to dress up one day a week and have all their virtual meetings in fancy dress and see the smiles creep up onto people’s faces. It makes virtual meetings less ‘samey’ and will give everyone an excuse to raid the fancy dress box in the loft.
  • Wellbeing Wednesday
    An initiative we run at Top Banana in the flesh that’s simple to crossover online! We know right now we need to be looking after ourselves more than ever, so make sure your employees are active both mentally and physically by hosting a virtual exercise class/ yoga session or meditation group every Wednesday. It sounds obvious but ensuring your staff have allocated time to look after themselves can give them the head space they need to focus on something other than work and worldly goings on.
  • Get an Office Playlist
    Get your team together and ask everyone to add their favourite songs to a playlist (feel good tunes only!). You can also share positive playlists and up-beat songs to help people get through the day and even have resident DJ’s for the day who share their favourite song lists for all the team to hear.
  • Pinterest Worthy Workspaces
    Get your staff to share pictures of where and how they’re working at home, hold a poll and (we expect) the most Instagrammable shot will win! It’s great to share from your company social media accounts and will also make your staff consider the benefits of having a workspace that they love and feel proud of. We all know working environments can affect us so it’s a great opportunity for people to get theirs up and running!

While the fun is all well and good – we of course want you to get some work done too… it’s just about remembering that although we can’t control the virus and what it has imposed on us, we CAN control how we respond. Don’t feel alone, share the love and always aim to raise people’s spirits by staying positive and remembering to smile.

And don’t forget – we’re all in this together.

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