We work with you and your leaders to really understand your business challenges before coming up with novel ways to bring your messages to life. Ways that will make your audience sit up, listen up and walk away understanding exactly what you want them to understand.

Understanding and communicating business messages is what sets us apart from the rest…we’re pretty good at it…and our clients think so too.

Speaker coaching.

Even once the messaging is right, the delivery is key.

Speakers need to be fully behind the message itself, aware of the audience mindset and at ease in their own personal style when communicating at live events. We work with speakers to fine tune their delivery so they feel invincible on stage.

Top Banana helped to deliver engaging strategies for events – in particular – that help us to drive real value out of everything that we do and we’ve seen tangible growth in employee engagement as a result of the activities.

MD – Corporate Communications Barclaycard


Crossing water without a bridge is all fine and dandy …

…but embedding your strategic messaging at the hear of your break out session is the best way to ensure it will be remembered. We’ve done everything from creating a life-size Monopoly board to using augmented reality to bring strategy to life in an entertaining and engaging way.

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