Bringing Incentives to life through the power of animation.

One year into Top Banana’s Incentives travel journey, we wanted to create a film that shared why our offering is different to others and how we create unforgettable memories for delegates. After considering how we could bring this to life, we thought why not utilise our skilled motion designers to create a 3D animation that really displayed both our design skills and incentives offering.

3D is an exciting advancement for animation projects because of the intricate movements and illustrated finish it gives to films. For this project, we used a specific type of 3D animation called cel shading and took a non-traditional route in designing the entire film.

Traditionally for a 2D animation, we would develop a script first, then create illustrations with a designer and finally those assets would go to a motion designer to animate. This project however was far more collaborative and off-piste, in that we designed the look and feel first and developed the script after based on the conceptual storyboard.

Moving away from our normal process, our Art Director Dave began developing static images for the backgrounds of our scenes while our Senior Motion Designer, Ed, would be developing the foreground 3D elements, designing them as he went.  Working together in this way meant that the animation was more in-depth visually and had layered elements that traditional 2D animation simply couldn’t allow for. 

The decision to bring a script writer in last stemmed from the idea of having a contrast between the voice over and visuals, as we wanted the animation to stand alone as something engaging and the content to simply be educational. It was a cross over of informative and innovative, as opposed to being too literal as some animations can traditionally be. This also influenced our choice to not include any background music. Sound effects like car horns, rushing water and gongs felt more real and authentic, whereas a soundtrack would have muddled the design by not being consistent for each countries look and feel.

With this animation, we wanted to create something beautiful that inspired viewers to get out and explore the world – and what we’ve learnt is that there’s no right or wrong way to approach 3D animation. Whether you’ve found inspiration from something online or you have a script that you want to bring to life – you can get a beautiful result as long as have a vision and brief to back you.

Take a look at the side by side comparison of our design process vs. final edit below in this process reel – and see for yourself how our team bought our messages to life through the power of animation.

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