A peek behind the scenes with our film crew

We’re about to finish editing a series of films for a high fashion eye wear brand, this season’s styles are top secret until they launch …so we thought we’d give you a peek behind the scenes at the last shoot we worked on together.

A peek behind the scenes

We took our lovely models to two different locations to get the right mood for each of the ranges. Conveniently local, one of them was just over the road from our own HQ and the other was a site with an industrial feel not far away.

Shooting on location close to Top B HQ

Models were chosen to shift the emphasis from a specific age group and create a broader market appeal for the Basebox and Rock Star ranges.

Models were chosen to broaden the appeal of the range

For the geeks amongst you … you may like to know that we physically turned the camera 90 degrees to achieve the portrait format films last year. This year we approached things differently, shooting in 4K and simply punching into the landscape version during the edit. This requires careful framing of the shot when filming, but achieves the same outcome.

Some low-tech solutions helped get the shots we needed

Keep your eyes open (see what we did there!) for news of this year’s ranges … to be released soon.

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