6 Key Questions to Find the Perfect Venue.

With limited information and a strict deadline, venue sourcing can be a both time consuming and a costly task. From establishing budgets to assessing venue suitability, it can be a stressful addition to work load.

That’s why Top Banana’s expert venue sourcing team have come up with a fool proof process to establish information for the event, so you never have to ‘start from scratch’ again! Knowledge is power, so follow these 6 steps and find a venue that is reflective of your business, audience and purpose.

1)       When is the event?

And more importantly, are the dates flexible? Though being given a specific date will limit your venue choices, knowing the date is a good and important thing, as it will define your search and venue availability! Also question if the event will be a full or half day. This will give you negotiating power to ask for half day rates that will save you money and is important to know when factoring in potential hotel stop overs for those travelling in from afar.

2)       Where does the event need to take place?

Don’t be afraid to question the location that has been requested. Someone may be asking for a central location; however, it may be that they would be open to looking outside of this area – if your meeting stakeholder is open to casting the net a little farther, you may get better choice & value. Ultimately ensure the venue you book works logistically for your company and the attendees. Don’t be afraid to challenge the brief!

3)       How many attendees?

In this instance, minimum numbers are as important as maximum. Ensure that you have both figures when getting costs from a venue as they will impact your quote.

4)       Who is going and why?

Ask about the meeting/event purpose right from the start and find out what the end goal is. Your venue should be reflective of your audience and purpose, so really consider how you want your overall message to come across through your venue. For example, if your leadership team are having a business planning session, would it be advantageous to place them in a new, innovative and modern space that inspires creativity, as opposed to an outdated hotel meeting room?

5)       ‘There is no budget’

Ever heard this before? People always have a ball park in mind, so remember to push for it in your initial questioning. When you’ve got your maximum, make a realistic budget for the overall cost of the venue, considering that there may be other charges such as transportation, hotel stop overs and additional meals still to come!

6)       What is the venue booking deadline?

Try not to take ‘ASAP’ as an answer. Someone’s idea of as soon as possible could be tomorrow, and yours next Wednesday, so always understand how high in your priorities this should be and define expectations. Don’t forget to factor in the time it will take for venues to get quotes back to you, so get ahead and start your search early on!

Ultimately, the more questions you ask the more likely you are to find your perfect venue first time round. It is hard sometimes to break out of the cycle of going back to pre-loved locations that may no longer be the best value option, instead of dedicating time to finding a location that truly showcases company values and event purpose.

If you’ve been swept up in the world of venue sourcing and need a break, Top Banana’s venue sourcing team are UK and international experts, with developed industry relationships and a streamlined venue sourcing portal; which means we can access awesome venues, in half the time. We’re dedicated to sourcing the right place, the first time round, providing a professional, unbiased and transparent venue sourcing service, with no hassle and at no charge to you.

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