2020 Incentive Inspiration.

Are you planning an incentive for 2020 but looking for something a bit different? Want to push the boundaries and go somewhere new and exciting? Looking for somewhere your delegates won’t have been before?

Then look no further, our incentives team have travelled the globe looking for new and exciting destinations for incentive trips in 2020. Here’s our top 5 destinations we can’t wait to explore further…


Offering a great climate all year long, world-class hotels and an eclectic and diverse experience at every turn, Israel is definitely an emerging destination for incentive travel in 2020. And the new daily direct service from Virgin Atlantic will ensure that you get there in comfort. The cosmopolitan city of Tel Aviv is a must – this forward thinking, culturally-aware capital is full of bustling markets, incredible restaurants, lively nightlife and let’s not forget, miles of sandy beach.

Just a short 90-minute drive away is the majestic city of Jerusalem, steeped in history, it needs to be seen to be believed. To finish your Israel trip, why not head to the Dead Sea and experience the unique feeling of floating in its salty waters. Perfect for a 3-4-night incentive, Israel will be sure to create life-long memories with your guests.


Whilst not necessarily being a new incentive destination, with the Rugby World Cup just about to kick off and the Olympics in less than a year, Japan is going to be right at the top of the list for incentives for the next 18 months. Although it seems like a contradiction, the juxtaposition of cutting-edge technology and ancient tradition is in fact the secret to Japan’s unique ability to engage and inspire visitors.

From the modern, high-tech capital of Tokyo with its futuristic neon-lit streets, Michelin-starred restaurants and quirky pop culture, to the timeless traditions, evocative geisha districts and beautiful temple gardens of the ancient imperial city of Kyoto, Japan is a fusion of tradition and innovation. Japan is not one of those places you can understand virtually, it is a country that you need to witness, breathe, experience and feel for yourself.


Colombia is an amazing land of contrasts and after being off the wish list for many travelers for some years, it is rapidly becoming one of the highlights of South America. With its rich cultural history, amazing architecture, geographical diversity and the simple warmth and hospitality of its people, it’s easy to see why this fascinating country is becoming an increasingly popular incentive destination. Three locations top the bill for groups wanting to sample the diversity of the country;

the cosmopolitan city of Bogota which is the perfect starting point for an incentive; Armenia in the coffee region where you can learn more about the cultivation of this emblem of Colombia; and Cartagena which is home to some of the best-preserved colonial architecture in all of South America as well of course, the warm waters of the Caribbean.


Still a relatively undiscovered gem, Rwanda is fast becoming the premier destination for the environmentally conscious wanting to travel to a destination focused on sustainable growth. Whilst it’s well-known tragic past is what may come to mind when mentioning this country, it’s moving rapidly into a brighter future.

Now the safest and cleanest country in Africa, the contrast of savannah style plains and lush rainforests makes Rwanda a destination for those looking for adventure with plenty of exciting hiking opportunities and activities to keep delegates on their toes. No trip to Rwanda would be complete without the genuine bucket list experience of trekking through Volcanoes National Park in search of gorillas – a seriously captivating incentive


Montenegro is a new contender in the world of incentives and has proved itself as a bold and exciting destination to be considered in 2020. Located in south-eastern Europe, this jewel of the Mediterranean has a lot to offer including five unique national parks, UNESCO protected old towns, one of the world’s deepest canyons, the biggest lake in the Balkans and a rare fjord on the Adriatic coast.

The short distances and differing terrains create an innovative and diverse incentive programme. Guests will discover a country that embraces all the captivating contrasts of an entire continent within a comparatively small territory.

Have we missed one?

Do you have somewhere you want to go in 2020 and want to know more about? Don’t be shy, get in touch with the team. Chances are we’ve been there and can help you with a top tip or two! 

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