Top B’s 6 Top Trends for 2019  

The big question that everyone asks as we draw to a close to another year and look forward to the beginning of the next is what will the top trends be? Who better to ask than our awesome leadership team? Here are their predictions for 2019…

  • Immersive Experience

Founder and CEO, Richard Bridge, says 2019 will see a continuation of the importance of creating immersive experience for delegates. “The brain creates a memory when you really experience something and that’s going to continue to be fundamental to events in 2019. Delegates no longer want to be sat in theatre style for hours on end being spoken to, they want to be part of it.”

“We know this trend has been around for a while now, but engaging employees is still a huge priority for most companies and to be honest, not many businesses have successfully achieved this yet. There’s still a whole lot more we could be doing to get delegates involved and immersed in the message and in 2019 we are challenging ourselves to push the boundaries and come up with new and exciting ways to bring strategy to life.”

  • Off-site venues that inspire

Louise Goalen, Director of Venues and Chair of the HBAA, predicts there will be an increase in businesses wanting to hold meetings off site as they look for more innovative settings that inspire their employees. “Venues are becoming an extension of the company culture and delegates should be comfortable and inspired if they’re going produce their best work. Leaders and managers are really starting to see the benefits of taking their employees off site and are opting for inspiring settings, which hotels and other venues are really pushing the boundaries to create. One of my favourites is Warwick Conferences and the different meetings rooms they offer in their Scarman venue.”

  • ROI or ROE or ROO…

Operations Director, Jade Ball, predicts that 2019 will be the year Return on Investment/Engagement comes in to its own and starts becoming easier to measure. She comments “RoI, RoE or whatever measurement it is, is still a thing of mystery for most live events, and in my opinion needs to be better defined. But I think technology is going to help us on our way in 2019, taking us past delegate satisfaction data as the only real measure of success. New technologies such as footfall mapping can now provide emotional data that expresses how audience members felt and engaged with products or speakers; which is going to give us far more viable results that can prove the success of events and how they’ve reached objectives.”

  • Sustainability

We’re in the era of Millennials and The Blue Planet effect. This generation are driving a global force away from meat, plastic and co2 emissions, and this is being reflected across the industry. Elliott Grant, Director of Incentives, comments “I see 2019 as a year of incentives that are driven by volunteer projects, environmental sustainability and considered locations that reflect wider CSR company initiatives. I also think events will have a huge surge in re-usable bottles for delegates, paper straws and biodegradable products; as well as choosing venues that reflect environmental sustainability to align with this growing trend in the travel industry.”

  • Wellness

There has been a huge surge in mental health awareness in 2018, and we’ve seen that in the industry, our own work place and the companies that we work with. Jane Bradley, Finance Director, comments “I think in 2019 we will see wellness worked into agendas; with quiet spaces, time to think, rest breaks, healthy foods and wellbeing guest speakers at events. This theme will also transition in to the incentives industry with itineraries becoming less about the 5* thrill-seeking jam-packed itineraries but combined programmes whereby the thrill seekers combine a wellness programme with time to rest and recuperate but also taking part in once in a life time “wellness for the soul” CSR experiences.”

  • Multi-generational audiences

With Generation Z making their way in to the professional environment, Jemma Peers, Commercial Director, predicts that in 2019 we will see a huge effort in trying to engage with four different age groups. “Each age group have grown up in differing economic, social and historical contexts and work in different ways; translate this to events and it means we have to ensure we can engage 4 generations of employees at the same time, with the same message and ensure it lands effectively. Though this will definitely be a trend for 2019; soon it will become the industry’s norm as Baby Boomers begin to retire and the Millennials take over, so there’s no better time to prepare.”

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